Monday, 26 May 2014

The future for British Nationalism

The recent European elections were a disaster for all UK Nationalist parties.

The fact that the BNP lost their MEP's isn't of any importance as they never stood a chance of holding those seats anyway. That they lost all their deposits is the real issue. In the European elections you only need 2.5% to save a deposit and the BNP finished below that in every part of England, Scotland and Wales. The party scored a grand total of 1.14% with their best vote being 1.87% in the North West.

The English Democrats did even worse. They also lost all their deposits and scored a grand total of 0.80% with their best vote being 1.52% in the North East.

Andrew Brons new party the British Democrats didn't contest the election, which with hindsight appears to have been the correct decision.

So where do we all go from here?

Next year (2015) we have a general election. I believe it would be a complete waste of time, effort and money for any Nationalists to contest this election. We should take the difficult, and unpopular, decision to boycott the general election and instead get back to our roots contesting borough and district councils only. And only contesting those seats where we genuinely believe we can achieve 10% of the vote or higher.

Of course it won't happen. The members of all 3 parties will want to contest the general election so the next best option is to only contest a small number of seats where we can concentrate our efforts and try to get as close to 5% as possible. We also need to take action to ensure we don't all contest the same seats whatever the leaderships of the 3 parties may think.

I personally believe that Nationalism will achieve nothing at the ballot box for the rest of this decade but early in the next decade one party will emerge as the frontrunner just like in the mid 80's when the BNP took over from the National Front as the voice of British Nationalism. Which party it will be remains to be seen.