Thursday, 12 June 2008

RWB 2008

The police have scored a major own goal with their actions over this year's Red, White and Blue (RWB) festival.

They have objected to the festival being granted a licence for live music and the sale of alcohol.

Apparently they did this after receiving 'intelligence' about a left wing demo against the festival.

If they believe there may be some trouble between festival goers and left wing demonstrators then surely it's in their best interest to keep the festival goers on their site?

The only thing the refusal to grant a liquor licence will achieve is that people wanting an alcoholic drink will leave the site and go looking for local pubs, thus increasing the chance of the two sides clashing.

So rather than decrease any potential problems the police have increased them.

If the liquor licence had been granted there would have been no danger whatsoever of trouble at the RWB. There never has been any in previous years and, even when the loony left have staged a demonstration, it has always been a very enjoyable family festival.