Sunday, 3 May 2009


There has been much publicity in the controlled media recently on the decision by the government not to allow all the Gurkha's who fought in the British army to settle permanently in the UK. Various campaigns have been run in the media and by the actress Joanna Lumley opposing this decision.

Even a good many BNP members have been taken in and are backing the Gurkha's, though a far larger number have, thankfully, not been fooled.

Those Nationalists that are backing the Gurkha's are doing so on the grounds that they are better than the other scrounging immigrants that are over here and we owe them because they fought in our army.

These people are missing the point entirely.

Yes, they fought in the British army and were paid a wage for doing so and let's not forget that British military pay is more than 30 times what a good job in Nepal will get you.

Since December 1, 2006 they also receive an army pension which is 60 times the average income in Nepal. Even their previous pension was 11 times the average pay in Nepal.

So why did they choose to join the British army? Because they love our country and want to defend our way of life? No, they chose to join our army because of the pay. They are mercenaries, nothing more.

Of course should any of those Gurkha's need essential medical treatment they should be allowed to come here and receive it. Anyone who serves in our armed forces should have that right. But they should go home to Nepal afterwards. As a thank you to the people of Nepal for providing people for our army I would also have no problem with giving them foreign aid.

I would hope that everyone is aware that the media bosses will do anything to encourage immigration to Britain and the dilution of our culture and ethnic identity and this is the real reason they support the Gurkha's.

The Gurkha's did a job for the armed forces and were paid generously for their efforts. We do not owe them the right of residency.

As we all know the government were defeated in trying to restrict the right of the Gurkha's to settle here.

Another victory for the multiculturists.