Sunday, 17 August 2008

RWB 2008

This weekend I attended the BNP's annual Red, White and Blue festival (RWB).
On the Saturday the left wing trash demonstrated outside the site, attacking the police then going into a nearby town to smash shop windows.

Inside the site it was a great atmosphere with lots of different and interesting stalls,
fairground rides for the kids,
and a very moving tribute to the forgotten white victims of racist murder.
I met fellow Nationalists from Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and Australia along with Nationalists from all around Britain.

The weekend concluded with a closing address from party chairman Nick Griffin aboard the 'Truth Truck'.
Although the weather was not as warm as I'd hoped it was a really enjoyable weekend.

Well done to everyone involved in the organisation of the event. I'm already looking forward to next year's RWB.

RWB video I found on YouTube: