Saturday, 27 November 2010

Yet another new party!

I see that former BNP official Michaela Mackenzie has sent up a new Nationalist political party called British Freedom.

While I have a lot of respect for Michaela she really needs to take a long hard look at what Nationalism really is and the people she associates with.

One of the officials for this new party, it's press officer, is one James Whittall. Former BNP West Midlands deputy regional organiser and the man who cares so much about the cause he won't spend a penny of his own money on it!

If any of us drive to a meeting, a social or a leafleting session it wouldn't occur to us to claim back the cost of the petrol from our branch or region. Not so with Mr Whittle.

In the first 8 months of this year Mr Whittle claimed £531 in petrol expenses from his local South Shropshire group and from the West Midlands regional account.

And lets not forget the new bluetooth phone kit he bought for himself using West Midlands members donations costing £24.98. It would be nice to know if he has returned the new Epsom printer he bought for £57.97 to his local group as he used their money to pay for it.

You'd think that even a blatent money grabber like Mr Whittle could pay 10p to park his car but no he even claimed for that!

So how could he be allowed to get away this?

Quite simple really. His fiancee was the regional treasurer.

My advice to British Freedom: keep a close eye on your money whenever Mr Whittall is around.

So just how Nationalistic is this new party?

Michael Simpkins, the party's nominating officer says of the BNP, on his own blog, that he and his associates were "outnumbered by hard core far right nationalists who long for a pre 1948 Britain. British Freedom on the other hand is attracting the right sort of nationalist."

And what exactly is wrong with wanting the racial make up of Britain to be the same as it was pre 1948?

If this new party thinks that any Negro who speaks English, waves the Union flag and sings God Save The Queen is as British as those of us whose ancesters were on these islands before they became islands then they are certainly not attracting 'the right sort of Nationalist', they're not attracting Nationalists at all.

While this new party may be an improvement on the Lib/Lab/Con it can't be called Nationalist.

They're just another group of right wing Tories.