Wednesday, 5 November 2008

US Presidential Election

So it's finally over. I live in the UK and I'm sick to death of hearing about the American election so I can only imagine how Americans feel.

The coverage over here has been so intense that some British people actually believed they could vote!

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills asked a number of British people on the streets of London who they would be voting for and every single one of them said they would be voting.

Barack Hussain Obama has been elected as the first black president. In his victory speech Mr Obama said that 'change has come to America.' Well let's hope so but not the change that Mr Obama wants.

The white Nationalist movement in America seems to be geting nowhere. Will the election of Mr Obama be the catalyst required to wake up white Americans?

Will it force the WN's off the internet and onto the streets, engaging with real people instead of living in a fantasy world of swastica's and armed revolution?

I certainly hope so but I'm not optimistic.

I believe this election has signalled the death of the US as a white nation.

I truly hope that white Americans can prove me wrong.