Monday, 12 January 2009

Middle East Conflict

There’s been endless debate in the mainstream media about the ongoing campaign by Israel in the Gaza strip.

The BNP have produced their statement explaining that they don’t support either side and that the conflict has nothing to do with us.

That’s something I completely agree with.

But reading the pro Israel comments posted to the article by BNP members and supporters and reading the blogs produced by BNP branches and some of them declaring that they are ‘Friends of Israel’ makes me very concerned over the lack of knowledge about the situation by some of the party's membership.

The BNP ‘s position regarding Islam is that it has no place in Britain or white society in general but the BNP do not hate Muslims. It seems, though, that a lot of their more recent recruits do.

This disdain for Islam has clouded their judgement so that they will support anyone who fights against Muslims including the Zionist state of Israel.

I understand that Hamas militants have been firing rockets into Israel, killing Israeli citizens and that every country has the right to defend itself from terrorist attacks.

But let’s look at the situation another way.

If some Islamic extremists decided that the county of Dorset should be an independent Islamic state, a foreign government helped them create such a state and then they were backed by the military and financial might of the USA what would the displaced people of Dorset do?

They would either live as second class citizens in their home county or they would be forced to relocate to the bordering counties of Devon, Hampshire, Somerset or Wiltshire. And if they started a campaign of terror against the Islamic republic of Dorset and were firing rockets in, who could blame them?

This is exactly the situation in Palestine.

So while I can understand Israel’s need to defend its borders I can also understand why Hamas is firing rockets in.

So which side should we support? Neither.

The BNP leadership has taken the correct stance, one of neutrality and it’s time that all BNP members followed that position.

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