Sunday, 16 August 2009

RWB 10th Anniversary

This weekend I attended the BNP's annual Red, White and Blue festival in Derbyshire.

The nutty left stated that they would block the entrances to the site.

Their unwashed legions turned out in force and it's true that they did block off both sides of the access road for a while.

But their attempt to stop people attending the RWB was an abject failure.

A few people, like myself, were delayed a bit but everybody who wanted to attend reached the site. Victory number one for the BNP.

The left also scored a major public relations disaster with the local people.

The roads around the area of the site were gridlocked due to the antics of the left and local people were extremely angry. And the locals knew exactly who was to blame for the chaos. Not the BNP but the UAF.

I saw one local lady remonstrating with the UAF members walking by about the fact that she was virtually trapped in her own street. The reply she got was 'there are more important things than you'.

If the plan by the UAF included alienating people then the plan succeeded. Victory number two for the BNP.

But that's enough about the travelling freak show. Let's have a look at the event itself.

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