Monday, 8 March 2010

Punish The Pigs

Last week it was announced that MP's would be getting a 1.5% pay raise which amounts to £1000 a year. This comes at the time when the rest of us are having our pay frozen or even cut.

From April a backbench MP will get a basic salary of £65,737.

During the same week North Wiltshire Conservative MP James Gray was demanding that MP's be allowed to travel first class on the railways. Funded by the taxpayer, of course.

So it's okay for us serfs to pay their train fares as long as they don't have to sit anywhere near us?

Not that Labour MP's are any better.

The parliamentary Labour Party Woman's committee is demanding that taxpayers should pay for their childcare, up to £18,000 a year. The rest of us have to pay for our own child care, why should MP's be any different?

After all the scandals over MP's expenses you'd think that they might have learnt that ripping off the taxpayer is a bad idea. But no.

You have to ask why it is that these people decided to stand for parliament in the first place? Was it to help to create a better society for everyone or was it just to feather their own nests?

I think we know the answer to that one.
This year we have a general election and the chance to show them what we think of them.

The problem is that increasing numbers of voters will think "stuff the lot of you" and not bother voting. That won't hurt the greedy pigs. They don't care how many people vote or don't vote as long as enough of those that do vote re-elect them.

At the general election make sure you cast your vote, but not for the greedy pigs from the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. Vote against them. Vote for any other candidate who may be standing.

If some of the smaller parties were to be elected in place of the old gang then not only would they care but they'd be very worried and might actually change their ways.

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