Wednesday, 5 May 2010

China town protests

Over the past few years Chinese restaurant owners in the UK have been protesting against immigration rules, which they say has led to a shortage of workers, and the raids by immigration officers on Chinese restaurants that have been employing illegal immigrants.

It's very difficult to have any sympathy for the restaurant owners. There are too many unemployed people in this country at the moment and if these restaurants are struggling to find staff they should employ and train some of the local unemployed not employ people who have entered the country illegally.

Just because it's a Chinese restaurant doesn' t mean that the people working there have to be Chinese. It's the food that has to be Chinese not the employees. White people are just as capable of cooking food in a Chinese style as anyone else.

Rather than complaining about non-existant discrimination and victimisation the people who run Chinese restaurants should start showing some morals.

Employing illegal immigrants is just a way of paying extremely low wages and forcing sub standard working conditions on people who have no way of complaining.

The Chinese restaurant owners should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for protesting against rules that exist to stop people being exploited.

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