Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I have now received my BNP leadership contest nomination form and have decided to nominate Richard Barnbrook.

This is not because I think he would make the ideal leader but because I think having a third candidate is the best way to avoid a damaging split.

I think it a cert that Eddy Butler will receive enough nominations as his campaign has been running for a while and seems to have gathered a lot of support so he doesn't need my nomination but Richard has only recently declared his intention to contest the leadership and has ground to make up if he's to gain enough nominations to stand.

If Eddy Butler or Nick Griffin were to lose the election in a contest just between the two of them I can't see either being able to work with the other, the campaign has become too bitter. I can see them leaving the party and taking their supporters with them. But I think that Richard is someone they could both work with.

So I encourage everyone who wants to preserve the unity of the party to nominate Richard Barnbrook.

Visit his website at http://richardbarnbrookgla.blogspot.com/

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